Well done slave, you have stumbled upon the realm of The Financial Dominatrix. I am the ultimate FinDomme. The tall, slim Goddess who walks this earth that you never believed could exist, let alone that you could get close to.

The Utimate FinDommmeYou have come to Me for a reason – are you ready to enter My play pen paypig? Do you want to worship Me whilst I show you how to devote yourself to your Goddess or do you need to be treated like My pet and have Me wallet rape you mercilessly for My pleasure? Whatever brings you here, know now that I love money, do not tolerate time wasters and can bring you to your knees whilst draining your account down to £0. I am after all quite a sporting FinDomme and adore humiliating and manipulating those that lay tithe at my feet.

Do you think you can live up to My rigorous demands or are you too much of a snivelling sissy to do as I tell you? Experienced or novice slaves, paypigs and human ATM’s can apply as long as they are obedient, respectful and know their place. If you dare to join the inner circle of My devotees you will find what it is to be wholly controlled by a financial dominatrix, spellbound by My power and beauty as I teach you to sacrifice for Me, for My pleasure, for My comfort. I am your Mistress, your Goddess and your Princess. I am your superior every second of every day. I am the one you live and breathe for and certainly the reason you drag your pathetic excuse of an ass to work every day. You work for Me. I own you.

Now what are you waiting for? If your hand isn’t reaching for your wallet then you must already accept that I’m not going to give your worthless existence any of my precious time. If you are, then be a good bitch and keep going. There is hope for you yet.